Snowy EP

by Michael Edwards

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Recorded in 2007 as a Christmas gift for his family, Snowy EP is an odd little collection of songs. The sentimental crooner Snowy Morning is paired with the starker Talk When You're Dead and atmospheric Born In Bombay. The EP closes out with the sing-a-long acoustic holiday song Christmas Wouldn't Leave Me Alone.


released December 22, 2007

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Michael Edwards.





Michael Edwards Columbus, Ohio

Graphic designer, animator and podcaster. Co-founder of Sunrise Robot. Sometimes musician. Miss my dad.

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Track Name: Snowy Morning
Here I am
Here you are
In father's car
Red fingers, green kisses
Is the house too far
Movin out, movin down
On down the road
The days move by
They move so slow
I miss him, I miss him
I'm sure you know

I saw your shape traced in the snow
I found your head impressed in your pillow
I heard your voice in my brother's
I felt your hand when ours clasped together

Listen, oh listen, I found you freezing in the cold
Shaking and shaking; you didn't know who you were anymore
I took you, I took you, I took you into my home
I warmed you with fires and songs and songs and songs and songs
I love you, I love you, you know
Track Name: Talk When You're Dead
Didn't think you grew up this way
You talk everybody down
Like you thought you were something
that we haven't seen before
Something new

You gotta give me something
if I'm ever getting out of here

You killed them by the beach house
on the shore, on the shore
You hide the bodies under
Buried them beneath the sand, beneath the sand
Like the fearful ones
You ran, you ran
Like the fearful ones
lacking goodness huh?
You ran, you ran

Hey man, hey man
Talk when you're dead
Track Name: Christmas Wouldn't Leave Me Alone
Christmas wouldn't leave me alone
Rang its bells and sent me home
Froze my car in a winter storm
in a winter storm

When the snow all turned to slush
Churned up in the shopping rush
I stay home and bundle up in a blanket
And sing a song or two
a song or two

So christmas came to my door
and Christmas leaked through the floor
spilled on my walls and filled my halls
Covered it all

Said it can turn death to joy
Said it could turn a man into a boy

Oh Christmas wouldn't leave me alone
Oh Christmas wouldn't leave me alone

All set to shake up my troubled thoughts
Take my garbage and cook it in its pots
Melt away the plastic and sear off the rot
Invade my sorrow, be everything I'm not

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