Feed My Mind

by Genetic Engines

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Mixing rock, pop, and folk sounds, Genetic Engines' self-recorded EP is the fruit of collaboration between Michael Edwards, Andrés Diaz, Sam Worobec, and Ilan Jenkins. From the 60s pop sounds of Into The Cold, through the philosophical sketches of Semiotic, to the expansive baroque alt-country rock of Alonerous a lot of ground is covered.


released May 19, 2012

Michael Edwards: Electric/acoustic guitar, keys, vocals
Andrés Diaz: Electric guitar, vocals
Sam Worobec: Drums, percussion
Ilan Jenkins: Bass, percussion
Sharon Kent: Flute on 'Ambition'

Mixed by Michael Edwards
Mastered by Sam Worobec
Recorded in Worobec's basement, Edwards' apartment, and other sundry locations.

Genetic Engines was Michael Edwards, Andrés Diaz, Ilan Jenkins and Sam Worobec. Other past members: Tristram Nelson, Tim Williams, Matt Rafferty.

All songs written and performed by Genetic Engines.


all rights reserved



Michael Edwards Columbus, Ohio

Graphic designer, animator and podcaster. Co-founder of Sunrise Robot. Sometimes musician. Miss my dad.

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Track Name: Into the Cold
Their loving arms
wrapped around inflicting all
this loving harm on us
The ones we love
we give them space to move and grow
to shake our likeness off
but it doesn't work

When my father spoke, my mind was fed
from out of his mold and into the cold
where my brother played with his hands he made
shapes in the snow he played with the form

I thought I heard the voice of
and saw the shape of our…

Our fathers and our mothers
a strange thing to see within you and me
our sisters and our brothers
with their names on the stones
where all of us go
Track Name: Semiotic
An ugly foul thing
I feel it breathing down my neck
Slurping words up
Vomits over on under

Stay please
I don't mind
A word exchanged
Feeds my mind

I live alone, Nosemiot comes for me
Eats my words, chews them up, spits them out
There is no self, there is no self
without the other

You know it wants my mind
You know to eat me alive
A word exchanged feeds my mind
A nod exchanged keeps me alive
Track Name: Ambition
When I'm old I wonder if I'll try
to feed ambition's fire, to feel its drive
I wonder if you'll be there by my side
to fend off all the fears that come to me at night

I thought I was nothing
before you were here
Now even if I'm nothing
your firm and steady hand will give me shape

Even if it's as bad as I believe
Even if my friends become my enemies
Even if my mind begins to flee
I hope in your thoughts you remember me

I listen while you sleep at night
I wonder when we'll have to say goodbye
No matter how far away
This life will end someday
No one can stay
Track Name: Alonerous
Somewhere I lost my place
Forgot the next page
In a haze every day
Nothing much to say
I miss your eyes
I miss seeing you with mine

I'm tired, goodnight
I miss you, so I write
to keep my smile bright
I sit in this chair
I write my siblings there
and visit with a morning prayer
Drifting on the snow
in frozen Ohio
forget the things you think you know

I'm tired, goodbye
I miss you, so I write
to keep my smile bright
I sit in this chair
I call my children there
and visit in the morning where
I guess I feel afraid
watching you decay
without a place

Can you see the light
Can you see the number

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